Monday, September 1, 2008

This is Family Business

As someone who isn't much older than Bristol Palin, I definitely feel for her. The way her story is playing out is pretty upsetting. Sure, I can see why it can be a bit ironic that the darling of the Christian right's teenage daughter is knocked up. Ha Ha. Abstinence-only sex-ed doesn't work (we already knew that for a while).

Why are folks acting as if they're so outraged? Teenagers have sex all the time. Shocking, I know.

In all of this, there's a very pregnant (and unhappy) young woman who is making her primetime debut as the laughingstock of the day. It's pretty disgusting. I can't possibly understand what it's like to have my personal business addressed in a campaign statement being repeated on every news channel in America. And how devasting it must be that folks are talking about how her mother may lose because of her decision.

In all of this, Bristol is a politician's daughter. And because her mother was in the spotlight, she may have felt pressure to make decisions she might have not wanted to make. A lot of us don't know what that might feel like. But it isn't any of our business.

This should be a happy time in their family, even if it occured under unfortunate circumstances. Anyone who is making an issue out of this is making sure that Bristol is "punished with a baby." Let's stop the panty sniffing. The Republicans are better at it than we are.

Congratulations, Bristol Palin.

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