Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin is a puppet

The wingnuts sure love Sarah Palin. She was a blank canvas, just waiting to be filled with talking points on neoconservative foreign policy (see: Bush, George W.). And that clearly came across in her interview with Charlie Gibson.

She can parrot standard Republican fare pretty well when she doesn't know the answer. My sense is that she's not going to know a lot of answers to a lot of questions. Her constant regurgitation of Republican talking points will make a lot of people question why she's running on the mantle of change when the stuff she's saying sounds a lot like the crap we've heard for the last eight (or even 20) years.

Clearly, when Sarah Palin was making foreign policy flashcards, she forgot to make one for "Bush Doctrine." It's actually kind of sad that Charlie Gibson obviously had more knowledge of foreign policy than the Republican nominee for Vice-President.

And oh, for goodness sake, the professor of my lower division International Relations class went over the Bush doctrine, too.

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