Monday, September 15, 2008

Youth Cynicism, Youth Idealism and No Room for Pragmatism

I'm taking a Peace and Conflict Studes (PACS) course, which is the first class I've taken outside my major (Political Science & Anthropology). Right now we're going over the differences between conflict resolution, conflict management, peacebuilding, and peacemaking using the theories of International Relations as frameworks.

Our professor mentioned how several researchers have found that civilians are expendable in intrastate conflicts, which shocked a whole lot of my fellow students. Essentially, they became really up and arms that intellectuals could even think that way, without even giving the slightest regard that the theory could be true. It's just wrong for someone to even propose that's the case.

And thus began the self-righteous behavior that makes me cringe. They have this attitude that if you propose a theory that is seemingly heartless, that certainly must mean you are heartless and don't give a shit about people dying.

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