Tuesday, September 9, 2008

John McCain helps pedophiles

Having a bit of a background in Anthropology, I've studied a little about American material culture. The "celebrity" attack ads, as well as this one, are laced with racial undertones. In the celebrity ad, the McCain campaign juxtaposed Obama's image with two women who are perceived to be damaged goods. During Jim Crow era, particular in Western Louisianna (that I know of) one of the primary reasons given for lynching black men were accuasations that they had raped white women. While these experiences may not be a part of my consciousness living in one of the most diverse regions in the world, they certainly exist where race relations are still contentious. These ads are subtle and egregious.

And you'll notice-- Obama once had a fighting chance in Mississippi, North Carolina and there was even chatter about Georgia being in play because of Bob Barr. McCain has now solidified his lead in these states, where Obama was once in striking distance.

I was hesitant to make such a statement at the time the celebrity ad was first released, since the charge of racism shouldn't be thrown around lightly. And frankly, I didn't think John McCain would engage in this type of campaigning, and it was personally difficult to acknowledge the low-road he has chosen to take. There were many like Andrew Sullivan or Jon Stewart (or even myself) that believed a race between John McCain and Barack Obama would be a "tonic" for this country.

Whatever semblance of civility the election had went out the window after McCain's "celebrity" ad.

This new "education" ad from McCain is pretty despicable. It was equally stomach-churning when craptastic douchebag Mitt Romney made the exact same charge of Obama wanting to teach sex-ed to Kindergarteners. The fact is, young children SHOULD be armed with the proper knowledge to understand what kind of touching is appropriate and what isn't. To say that children shouldn't have that knowledge (let's be honest, now) only helps pedophiles, who think they can get away with abuse because their victims don't know any better.

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