Friday, September 5, 2008

Thoughts on the GOP Convention

-Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin's much hyped speech wasn't great. In fact, it wasn't good at all. She is being touted by her handlers as the future of the Republican Party, but nothing about her speech suggested a new direction for the GOP. And, I suppose, I should be grateful for this, but there was no reach to young people or women. So, "the future of the GOP" is not concerned with bringing any new people into the fold that may have felt or currently feel alienated from the Republican Party. To me, that was thorougly disappointing. This was her chance to break away from the Bush-Rove division politics-- but she only upped the ante with her cheap shots against Obama, community organizers, and people who live in big cities (what, we don't work hard?).

Governor Palin's references to fighting corruption were also underwhelming. This is the party that is characterized by no-bid Halliburton contracts, Harriet Miers cronyism, outing CIA agents for revenge, lying about WMD's, and the politically motivated firings of U.S. Attorneys. All we got was a milquetoast "I fought corruption in Alaska! Go me! Wooo Hoo!" instead of acknowledging the possible challenges of fighting corruption as a vice president, or specifically mentioning a plan for going after folks who engage in corruption. For a lot of the people who have been disaffected with the GOP, a strong stance against corruption would make some in-roads. But again, she chose the road that wouldn't upset her base.

One of her strongest lines was her pledge to be an advocate for people with special needs (to which the Republican delegation cheered loudly, presumably, because they are all special needs).

There were no policy proposals or plans. There was no acknowledgment of the failures of the Republican Party. In fact, her only unequivocal statement came about drilling for oil.

It amazes me how someone chosen to become the standard bearer of the Republican mantle had such a stale, and almost backward-looking speech.

-Rudy Giuliani

His speech was utterly demeaning and digusting, almost to the point where it was unbearable to watch. Why does a former mayor feel the need to belittle the accomplishments of an individual who has achieved so much more than Giuliani ever will? He came off as a jealous child, unable to see the irony in several of his jarring attacks against Obama.

How can a man who publicly humiliated his former wife, be in a position to preach about sexism?

How can a person whose sole rationale for running for office, being a big-city mayor, criticize people for being too "cosmopolitan"?

How can a big-city mayor, who arguably must have had to make deals with several local interests before becoming the mayor, accuse Obama of being a Chicago-machine politican?

Like Palin's, his speech was divisive and full of mockery. All I could do was thank our lucky stars that this douche turned out to be such an incompetent campaigner, and won't be our president. Really dodged a bullet there.

-John McCain

His speech, quite frankly, was boring, although it was more respectable than the speech attempting to restart the culture wars by his running mate. There was no mention of Pakistan, no mention of plans-- I guess we should take that his views are no different from the Bush administration. But oh, trust him: he KNOWS how to win wars because he says he does!


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