Saturday, May 31, 2008

That sound you hear is Taylor Marsh & Co.'s heads exploding

Clinton got her 24 extra delegates and moved the goalposts to 2,118 delegates.


I am DONE with DNC, finished. Nobody suppresses my vote. McCain here I come.

she does not have the most members! Please do some research!

She has 12. He has 8. Maybe you need to do the research

One person = one-half vote. What sell outs. Even slaves were worth three-fifths.

I'm gonna throw up. Michigan also being allocated according to Waffle's wishes.I'm resigning from the Dem party on Monday. I have had it. This was rigged from the beginning. So Waffles gets delegates that never voted for him. Ickes caving again.

mccain has the same health care plan as obama

amazing: black people voting to give themselves 1/2 vote. There is no nice way to put this: did they forget they used to be only 3/5? Do they not know their own history?

Wow. Burn in hell, you bastards.

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