Monday, May 12, 2008

I read these goons so you don't have to

From the always entertaining, who has some sort of rule that doesn't allow commenters to use reason.

Criticizing Hillary Clinton= Domestic Violence!
Vinnieb- As I tell many female friends of mine, they don't have to vote for Hillary because she's a woman but they should NEVER allow the media or anyone else to talk about their mothers, their sisters, their daughters like that. It's like domestic violence, you don't tolerate that kind of abuse.

Stay classy, Sisterdo!
Sisterdo- Obama could institute the Cousin Odinga plan for Democracy1 Man-- 5 VP's, 3 steps behind, 1 flag pin per Burka

Rule number 1, before calling out others for sexism, do not imply that someone is being chosen for a job just because of her gender and thus has no other skill going for her:
Mary Ellen- OMG! Kathleen Sebelius????? That woman is a freakin' robot! I saw her sitting in the audience when Obama was at a rally, I think she might have introduced him...she was sitting there practically drooling. It looked like she just had a fresh lobotomy or something! Yeah...she'd be great for tea parties, but could you imagine her running the country if something ever happened to Obama???? This is how he picks his VP, someone who wears a skirt to get the "little missus" vote?

Our neighborhood psychoanalyist:
Gonzotx- Yes, Elizabeth has found some peace i think, see it in the way she speaks,her tone...she knows that if her husband wasn't the one, Hillary is the choice. What ever bitterness was between them seems to have healed. John on the other hand, would probably love to take Hill down. For whatever reason he seems to blame Hill for his demise, instead of the DNCobama love fest, the $ trail, and his own campaign...

Marc Penn, is that you with another brilliant campaign strategy?
Miss Malevolent-
Well, I think it's time for a new bumper sticker for the Obama campaign.Instead of, "Hope and Change!" or "Yes we can!"His new bumper sticker will be, "Any white woman will do!"

A case of broken crystal ball?
Getty1206- Hey..for those of you who follow Michelle White Dove (America's Greatest Psychic..see under her blogs) states that Hillary will be President and John Edwards will be her VP.

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