Sunday, June 1, 2008

Paganmist tells it like it is

06.01.2008 - 03:47 am

Dear Hillary supporters,

I've given up wanting unity.

You have no idea of the rage that *you* have unleashed. The lies, the accusations, the claims of sexism, racism, cultism, you name it.

You seem to think that if Hillary was on the ticket, she'd have a better chance of beating John Mccain. And you feel that way because you think that even though you won't vote for Obama if he's the nominee, we'll vote for Hillary if SHE'S the nominee.

You're banking on us being reasonable and mature to help you not only steal the nomination but win the presidency.


You want to be unreasonable?


If Hillary's on the ticket, screw unity.

Screw doing the "right thing" and voting for the party. If you can't do it, I can't do it either.

If Hillary wins this by breaking the rules, I'm not voting for her.

I'll get everyone in my family to sit it out.

I'll get everyone in my neighborhood to sit it out.

I will march as much as you do. Protest much more than you do.

Except when I protest and march? More people will join me. They won't buddy up to some gay crackhead who can't pass a polygraph test. They won't constantly disrupt a DNC meeting or heckle their own representatives.

We'll have integrity on our side. That's what rules do for you. They make things fair. You follow them, you're right. You don't, you're a cheater. And yeah, rules should be revisited. But not in the middle of the game.

So if you think YOU can win without one half of the democratic party, you've got another thing coming.

And if you think that Republicans are going to vote for Hillary, when they hate the Clintons with a flaming passion? You've got yet another think coming.

If you're willing to take this country down out of vengeance, then hey - ante up.

You can't do it without the African Americans, the "eggheads", the liberal lattes, and the college students. You can't, and you know it.

So go on.

Try to win without us.

After the way you've alienated us, you'll be lucky if you can get one black to vote for Hillary. One "egghead". One "latte liberal". One of those millions of Obama-loving young people.

Your threats mean *nothing* any more.We won't beg for unity. Won't beg you to do the right thing. Won't beg at all. We're done.

Hillary wins this by cheating, McCain wins. Simple as that.

Don't try to pull any Roe vs. Wade crap - don't care, don't wanna hear it. McCain's a centrist, he probably won't do anything too crazy. And if he does, it'll hurt you more than us. We're the "elitists" remember? We've got educations and money banked. We'll be fine.

Losing to McCain will be what you deserve.

I can't WAIT.

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