Thursday, May 15, 2008

Clinton's Cult

dug from the cesspool that is Taylor Marsh's blog:

dot48- Hillary will tell them that we need to put a democrat in the white house.However, Hillary can't tell us what to do when we get in the booth.I'm not in toeing the party line .. I'm more into the person. Sorry Waffles, Sweetie, I'm just not into you.

LEL- Sorry, but Bush is right, hussein obama is an appeaser. Hillary should be attacking hussein and not Bush, because hussein is her and our enemy. At the very least, she should have made no response to Bush's remark. After all the backstabbing, nastiness and viciousness the democrats and hussein supporters have hurled at her, Hillary obviously still intends to shill for the party. That's very disappointing.

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