Monday, July 14, 2008


Should we permanently stain the records of stressed out kids who engage in some funny business on the SAT? I don't think so, but this LA Times columnist does.

Imagine one silly proctor who erroneously concludes that a student is cheating. That kid, then, doesn't get to go to college.

But I completely love this comment on the subject:
You gotta love these so-called "ethicists" and "educators" who rain judgement down on teenagers for something they call "cheating." They never talk about the real cheating going on -- that is, the fact that high school kids are cheated out of a genuine education by the unreasonable demands of a multi-billion dollar standardized testing industry. Is it unethical to cheat a system that cheats you? That's the real question, but it never gets asked. People would rather villify stressed-out teenagers, who are everyone's favorite punching bag nowadays.

Submitted by: Matt
1:16 PM PDT, July 14, 2008

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