Thursday, July 17, 2008


July 17th,20088:51 am
If you want her off-limits then keep her off the campaign trail. She can’t be going on talk shows like The View, and giving campaign speaches then complaining that she should eb off-limits. If she can’t handle the heat then she and or her husband should not be in public office. Look at the things which were said of Hillary Clinton when she was the first lady — sweetie if you can’t handle a little criticism then you are in the wrong job.That was my biggest concern when the footage of Obama’s kids were all over the news — my thought was “how can Barack risk exposing his kids to the type of scrutiny his wife is getting, what kind of father is he” seems he at least learned that lesson. Compared to the things I have seen in the blogs regarding Cindy McCain I think that Michelle is getting off easy.
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