Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Jay-Z,

I've loved your music since I first discovered hip-hop in the third grade. I've bought every single one of your CD's since The Dynasty. I loved you so much, I used a Jay-Z folder to store my eighth grade math homework. Most importantly, I supported you throughout your feud with Nas. I know you two kissed and made up, but I must confess, there are still hard feelings there (especially after Ether), so I've been really slow to warm up to your former foe.

But now, Nas has this new song, "Sly Fox," which is a stunning and accurate characterization of Fox News. And he's even delivering a petition to Fox News with over 600,000 signatures, calling on Fox to stop spreading misinformation.
The idea that Nas is educating his devoted listeners about the media's hold on reality is really warming me up to him. In fact, I think I'm starting to like him better than you! I couldn't imagine myself saying that only a few years ago. Right now, he's doing a better job of being a role model and a leader to his community.

In the end, this is what Rap/hip-hop is all about. Rap/hip-hop has always had this great potential for influencing the younger generation, but it has been universally chastized because rappers have used their positions to glorify socially and morally irresponsible lifestyles (no, not the sex or partying, but the whole gangsta bullshit). I don't know how many times during the primaries older adults came up to me to tell me that they hope I don't listen to t3h rap music.

I know you're off cavorting with Beyonce, but come on! Show Nas up!

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