Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

It's official: the Republican strategy is to go after Clinton deadenders.

The problem is that the media over-estimated the discord in the Democratic party, so it gave the sense that there was a whole slew of people waiting to be plucked from the old Clinton coalition. So I guess all those PUMA stories helped spotlight a problem that doesn't really quite exist, and McCain just picked a VP to capitalize on said non-existent problem.

There probably isn't too many constituencies Palin helps with that I can see. She's not a well known figure at all, she's under investigation (so perhaps the criminal demographic will totally dig her), and Joe Biden will clean her clock when he debates her.

I personally thought that McCain would go for someone that would help strengthen his economic message, perhaps because he doesn't have one and it's the most important issue to American voters right now. Oh well.

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