Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Edwards

It's quite a shame. I really, really wished the story about his affair wasn't true.

I think the most upsetting fact is that he was a serious contender for the Democratic nomination for president. What if he had won? Why was he willing to put this nation at risk for another four years of Republican rule at this critical juncture in our history?

Watching his interview with ABC was pretty nauseating.

It's not that I think that candidate's personal lives should concern the public, but we cannot ignore the fact that it does matter. And this holds especially true for the president, who serves as the chief citizen. No one wants a sleazebag as the chief representative of the American people-- so it's understandable why personal integrity is so important.

But, it's important to put this in a little perspective-- Bush just may be the most faithful motherfucker on this planet. Where the hell did that get us?

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