Monday, June 23, 2008

Finding it difficult to change party registration?!

I bet Uncle Limbaugh forgot to tell you about this.


Double Jointed Fingers said...

No fucking way, Pal. The Democratic party in NY may be too stupid to see it, but I am sure you, with your ability to weed out "stoopid comments" can tell the difference.

Fighting Stupidity said...

Let's walk through this together and maybe you can see the "stoopidity" of it for yourself.

Universal healthcare- yes, please!
Getting out of the war in Iraq- sign me up!
Protecting a woman's right to choose- holler!!!

I can't think of a party that emcompasses those tenets as its basic platform. So I'm going to register as an Indy! Go me!

bostondreams said...

Double jointed here would certainly know something about stupid comments..since that whole blog is one giant stupid one. The pure silliness of these people..