Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Debate

Thoughts off the the top of my head:

-Barack Obama keeps falling into the trap of explaning why tax increases on the wealthiest are okay. He just needs to keep hammering home that his plan will benefit MOST Americans, which stengthens our overall economy. He's right, but I'm already voting for him and don't buy into the nonsence that he's going to raise my taxes. Keep it simple, stupid.

-Maybe it's because I'm watching this in HD, but John McCain looks like he's crying.

-Joe the magical plumber: John McCain thinks you're an idiot.

-McCain would fight for line item veto? Uhh... wasn't that already found unconstitutional?

-"Senator Obama: I'm not President Bush." Glad McCain has decided to clear up the conclusion.

-Senator Obama: "Young people aren't an interest group: they're our future!" No wonder Obama is winning the youth vote.

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